In my opinion the definition of a famous person is someone who dedicates their time to others and has a good influence. A famous person should help the world and use their money and fame to make an influential impact on the lives of other people. They should use their fame and voice to make a difference and stand up for what is right. I believe that people who have extraordinary skill, courage and determination deserve to be famous, not those who have good looks or lots of money or behave badly. Due to fame, many celebrities have become overridden by their glory and income of money. They start to behave however they want and believe that they are the most important. Perhaps, fame should not be acknowledged or allowed as it has a poor impact on the lives of others and celebrities aren’t using their voice of fame for the right reasons. Some may say that fame is over-rated and cause more problems than achievements and maybe we shouldn’t seek it out at all. People have become famous over the smallest things that require no talent. The reason they became famous was possibly that it was the right time and right place which therefore led to their increasing popularity. Why are they famous with a lot of money whilst others have the same talent but are struggling to pay for food? There have been many celebrity scandals in the past and many television shows support this inexplicable, disgusting and outrageous behaviour. Celebrities should be admired and supported for their talent and their poise throughout their life; they should not be commended for disturbance and unnecessary fame. Do you really want inappropriate, money-orientated “celebrities” to be a role model for your children? Or, do you want these celebrities to embarrass The United Kingdom?

Over 6 million people watch the popular TV show on ITV2 called Love Island. Love Island is about single people who spend the best part of the summer living in a luxury villa in Majorca, where they try to find themselves a partner from among the other contestants. Love Island is very disrespectful and supports explicit images and videos of the contestants. All of the contestants are only on the show because of good looks and their hope of getting £50,000. The show reinforces the idea that people can behave badly, make unimpressive life choices and even have sex in front of cameras to gain attention and popularity. Contestants go on the show for: money, brand deals, popularity on Instagram and other social networks. Malia Arkin was a Love Island contestant in 2016. She stirred up a tornado of controversy when she physically fought with another Love Island star. Celebrities are being paid to behave badly and cause obnoxious fights for attention. Love Island stars are normal people who want to become famous and earn money but they are causing public scandals and they aren’t good role models for teenagers and young-adults. Love Island isn’t just sun, sea and sex and contestants shouldn’t be prized or awarded for public scandals, explicit videos or revealing their body. Recently, many “influencers”, flew to countries like Dubai during a national lockdown and claimed it was for “work”. They are putting their lives and other people’s lives at danger for their stupid and immoral enjoyment. They claim that their wok is posting pictures at the beach on Instagram. As influencers, they should be doing the right thing by staying at home and following the government’s policies. They are not special nor exempt from the national lockdown. They are not telling people to stay at home instead they are influencing others to also break the rules. This is the most disgusting behaviour I have ever seen and all pandemonium has broken loose! People should not idolize Instagram influencers or people from Love Island. They encourage explicit and improper behaviour and they make others people bad about their own appearance as they aspire to be like these “influencers”.

Kate Middleton is an extraordinary example of a well-respected celebrity (even though she is the royal Duchess of Cambridge). Kate Middleton shows respect to those around her. The public love her because of her determination and desire to make this world a better place by spending time working and giving money to charities like: SportsAid, East Anglia Children’s Hospices and Action for children. She is a well-respected role model for everyone and she doesn’t behave badly or inappropriately. Kate Middleton is a poised and elegant woman and she always smiles through everything which sets an influential example. Social media affects all people, especially because of the expectations from people but Kate Middleton has risen above comments and shows resilience and determination to set a good example. She doesn’t post explicit or disrespectful images instead, she reminds people how to make the world a better place and which charities she supports. She has a heart of gold and is respectable, diligent and virtuous.

Certain people do deserve to be famous. For example, my idol is Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn's career in acting wasn't the only thing that made her a good role model. She also spent five years doing humanitarian work in Africa and Latin America and served as a special ambassador to the United Nations. Audrey Hepburn is my hero because she overcame adversity, helped others, and she never gave up. Audrey Hepburn overcame adversity because she was in Holland when the Nazi's took over. She watched German soldiers put men against a wall and shoot at them. One day her uncle was one of those men. “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” Working as a UNICEF ambassador, Audrey often saw villages where most of the population could not read or write. Being not just fluent in several languages, but bilingual in Dutch and English, Audrey understood the importance of being educated and worked to bring literacy to the world’s most vulnerable in hopes of giving them a brighter future. Another idol of mine is Jane Austen. I love classic novels especially those written by Jane Austen. Jane Austen is passionate. This is what makes her a hero. Jane Austen inspires women to stand tall and continue what they love because it can turn into something great. She sticks with what others do not find appropriate for women to do with their lives. Jane Austen wrote 13 novels and at the time she was an inspiration because not only was she extremely successful but she also never married which shows others that you don’t need a man by your side to achieve great things. Jane Austen also created my favourite book character: Elizabeth Bennet. She challenges others through her witty and intelligent retorts rather than through anger and petty remarks. Elizabeth’s Bennet overall personality shows feminism as she refuses to let men intimidate her and calls them out on their rude behaviour. Throughout my life, I have been bewitched by Pride and Prejudice and have had countless remarks over my similarity to Elizabeth Bennet. Even though Jane Austen and Audrey Hepburn have both passed away they will forever be women I look up to as they have had an influential impact on my view of life. They both deserve the fame as they used their voice and talent or the right reasons to help others and also entertain us.

Farris Stocks is a 12-year-old boy from Surrey. This is his comment on who his idol is and reasons why some people don’t deserve to be famous or idolized: “Stephen Hawking is my idol because he didn’t let a motor-neuron disease effect his future and he worked so hard to become the best version of himself even though others doubted him in the past, he is an inspiration and a very intellectual man. Some people shouldn’t be famous if they haven’t worked hard enough to get to where they are today. Charli D’Amelio shouldn’t be famous anyone could do what she does but she became famous through luck. She also sometimes shows rude behaviour and there are many people in the world like NHS staff who work twice as hard but for less money.”

In conclusion, people who have extraordinary skill, courage and determination deserve to be famous and idolized, not those who have good looks or lots of money or behave badly. Should people earn money just because of their good looks or should they earn money for helping our world and providing talent and grace? Celebrities should set examples for people around the world. They should be poised and respect everyone. Social media shouldn’t influence or persuade them to be bad or make unrighteous decisions. Celebrities should have a reason why they are famous, not just that they are rich and good-looking. Instead, they should be talented and show dedication to get where they are today.