Budgies are little parrots who love to bring joy into your house by chippering their cuteness into your heart. Although they are little they still do require lots of love and affection to be tamed. However they do have some negatives such as lots of feathers and they can poop every 20 minutes. They are also the most vocal bird species and can learn up to 3 words.


They have lots of colours but the first ever budgie spotted in england was in 1878 which was blue. Originally they only came in blue and green but have developed other colours over time such as white yellow and grey. They also have very acute vison and can register at least 150 words per second. They also memorise sounds and try to repeat them later on.


Budgies can get very lonely if its just one and many experts would recommend to have at least 2 to alllow your budgie to communicate with others aswell. They can live up to 5-8 years in average even though some lived up to 20 years! They do cost a lot and can be actually really cheap from up to £5-30


Experts also believe that they are great for company in general and good listeners. It is not hard to provide for them and is also cheap, all they need is: a cage, water, food and some toys to play with(they love bells)