Recently, plans have been put forward to restore Harrods Wharf and use it to provide a south-side dock for a temporary Hammersmith to Barnes ferry. Architects Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands and Jamie Waller have submitted a planning application to Richmond Council for a sea container-inspired building to act as a new ferry terminal.

The architects for Harrods Wharf believe that taking advantage of the existing structure is the most viable and sustainable option for a south-side landing. The park and the wharf will sit above high tide, so will not be at risk of flooding and it is likely operations will quickly be started and have minimum impact on the ecology of the Thames bank and neighbouring residents. It is currently estimated that 16,000 pedestrians and cyclists, that used to travel across the Hammersmith Bridge each day before it was closed last summer, are now having to take time-consuming detours for their travels.

Fergus Briston a local of the area said: “I think that the prospect of this sounds very exciting and would be hugely beneficial for the local residents of both Barnes and Hammersmith, particularly for those who need to get the tube from Hammersmith on their daily commute.” The Barnes and Hammersmith community will certainly benefit from this new terminal as it will certainly make everyones lives a little bit easier during these unprecedented times