For me one of the worst feelings is when you are reading a book and find yourself skipping to the end to try and work out how much longer you must pursue the tiresome tale, flipping through the pages aimlessly, aware you have no desire to continue on and finish it. I find myself in this situation far too frequently and so when I find a book that has me vigilantly combing through the pages, hooked on every line I find it imperative that I must share.

‘Clothes… and other things that matter’ by Alexandra Shulman

This autobiography done by none other than the ex-editor of British Vogue is both classy and brilliant as she recounts her earliest memories of childhood all the way to retirement from vogue. Shulman cleverly uses clothes as her focal point for each chapter of her memoir as she describes all the experiences she has had with each item allowing her readers to live vicariously through her as she often spills details concerning London’s elite, however the delight in which she shares them allows her to remain grounded as she too understands the excitement that they bring. The book is full of tips and tricks Shulman has learnt over the many years she spent in the fashion industry and is empowering to women and aspiring journalists all around the globe as she describes her journey to becoming the longest serving Editor in the history of Vogue.

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ by Margret Atwood

Perhaps a more well know novel but none the less, if you have not read Atwood’s most famous literature you are severely missing out. Set in a dystopian world the Handmaid’s tale is a curious story of how America dealt with a fertility crisis that forced the world as we know it to change drastically into one with a strict regime leaving women from all walks of life oppressed with no escape. We follow the story line of the daring and tactful ‘Offred’ ,although that is merely a name given to her by this new management, as she learns that everyone in society is willing to break the rules, as long as they come out on top.

‘Why Men Love B**ches’ by Sherry Argov

‘From Doormat to Dreamgirl’ is what is written on the cover suggesting that this is simply the run of the mill guide to relationships, however this is about as far as you can get from the reality of this inspiringly savvy book. It teaches you how to stand your ground and not to receive anything but the best from those you surround yourself with so that you don’t get walked all over by ‘being the nice girl’. This book will utterly change your perspective and I implore you to read it no matter your relationship status as the lessons Argov teaches, and the knowledge she passes on can be applied to all walks of life. Read this book and watch your life change before your eyes.

 ‘The Chiffon Trenches’ by André Leon Talley 

Finally, a book that I did ‘get bored of’, however I blame that on life getting more exciting giving me no time to read rather than a mistake made by the author as I plan to revisit this book shortly.  Once again a memoir of a former editor of Vogue however this time Leon Talley describes the ways in which he navigated his way to the top of the fashion industry battling racial discrimination and an echo of unfair scrutiny. It is truly moving and allows an undisclosed peer into the world of fashions elite in times of glamour and cut throat scandals.