Corona virus has impacted all of us in some form or shape during the past few months. Government has taken many actions to help to stop the spread of the virus and it did help. But just when we all thought it was safe to go outside the virus has gone viral again. But why did the government not do a full lockdown like last time? Why do students still have to go to school? 


Going to school is an important routine for your child as this helps them get used to waking up early, and also to develop and learn new things. This is very helpful as they grow up, since this gets them into the habit of waking up early for work, getting them to understand the life of adulthood. School is not just for learning new things, it is also there to help socialise, talking and meeting new people to get them to understand each other better. It also teaches them to respect other people, not just your friends and families but everyone. In addition it also helps them to develop a better understanding of the world. 


Not going to school because of lockdown can impact their daily routines, being antisocial and disrupt their learning. You might think that if you take online lessons it will just be the same as going to school, but it’s not. Students working online are actually not as productive as in actual class, and this actually impacts their grades. Socialising online is different from in real life and it could lead to students being not very talkative in the real world as they are more afraid. 


As you can see school is a very important part of a students life and I would see why the government made this decision. I hope all parents understand why students need to go to school and not just study online at home and I also hope all students now understand why they need to go to school and why they shouldn't stay at home. Stay safe!