We have all heard the story of Henry the Eighths six wives. Haven't we? Well, the story may have gone a bit different from what we were taught in primary school. This is what the Broadway hit musical 'Six' is all about. It's a beautiful and moving production from the feminist perspective of each of his ex-wives. They aren't just strange ghost-like portraits anymore, they have character and back rounds and hopes and ambition, and 'Six' brings this to life.
The in your face feminist attitudes of each of the Queens broke down the silly childhood rhyme of 'divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived' and built it up to be so much more than that. As a young girl, I couldn't help to be empowered by the bold and powerful soundtrack of this show. Throughout the sassy dance sequences, all the jokes and quips and amazing musical numbers, 'Six' carries through a sophisticated and important message, even though they were known for who they were married to each Queen proves that that's not all they are and though history has written that way and history writes all women that way, they were still people, not just wives. Take Catherine Parr, for example, she fought for female education and was a writer and poet yet none of that is ever mentioned throughout the textbooks. 
This is why musicals like 'Six' are so important not only is it a fun night out, they help us rewrite a history where women are no longer just pretty faces on the sidelines to history that's true.