Since the introduction of the new Routemaster buses, which allowed entrance from 3 different doors, there has been an economic problem: fare evasion. TfL has taken action and introduced boarding from only the front door from the 25th of January for the 267 bus. While this fixes the free-rider problem, it may cause some disadvantages to the local Gumley girls getting on after school, and anyone else for that matter.


Routemaster buses were introduced by Boris Johnson when he was mayor. They were meant to be simpler and more efficient, however, these new buses create more fare evasion than normal buses - double the rate. More than £3.6m is lost every year! This money could have been used to provide more buses or improve the transport system but instead, it has been robbed from their potential revenue. This outcome has forced all Routemasters to be converted into buses with only middle and rear exits only. Another problem is that wheelchair customers needs cannot always board buses first or be able to get on. Fare evasion is a criminal offence that has a consequence of a fine and could lead to prosecution and a criminal record. Claire Mann, TfL's Director of Bus Operations, said: 'Fare dodging is criminal and unfair, and it deprives London's transport of the investment it needs’.


This affects my personal experience and the local Gumley girls on their journey to/from school as it is a more efficient and speedy way of boarding a busy bus, or to avoid masses of people. With only the front-rear being accessible for entry it is going to take longer which may result getting home later from taking the later bus home or one that has been delayed. This also affects the public since longer cues result in the bus being stationary for longer.


Julia Bulkowska