Richmond and Twickenham Times: LanternsLunar New Year

  Our school held a Lunar New Year celebration for all the boarders at school last Friday. Some of the boarders performed in the auditorium and we also had a media team to record the concert, this had been uploaded on YouTube. We had different types of performances, pupils who took part in the concert spent lots of their free times to prepare for it, there were two girls performed the Chinese instrument, Guzheng; boys from Kazakhstan played their traditional instrument and lost of people played guitar or sang the songs. From the teachers’ speeches, we learnt that not only China celebrate Chinese New Year,  but also some other countries, such as, South Korea, Kazakhstan and Thailand. Richmond and Twickenham Times:

  After that, we had fireworks and went to the boarding houses for supper. We had crackers with Chinese sweets inside and there were some prizes for people who got the crackers with special cards in them. We had Chinese food for supper and the public areas in the boarding houses have been decorated with Spring Festival couplets and paper-cuttings — all in red, this is because red represents lucky in China.

  During Lunar New Year, people all go back to home to have New Year supper with their families, no matters how busy they are. For new year supper, Chinese people usually eat fish and rice cakes, because those foods have special meanings of “having more than enough” and “always have better days”, people from northern part usually eat dumplings and spring rolls and people from southern part often eat sweet rice balls.

  There is no set date for Lunar New Year, we count the date by the lunar calendar and dates in each year has some differences. The date of lunar new year for 2020 is on 25th January, Saturday. Lots of boarders went to their parents or guardians at the weekend to celebrate with their families and friends.

  We wish you have a happy new year!