A new year, a new decade but should we be celebrating? In seven days, more than 17,000km squared of Australia’s forests have burned, a US airstrike in Iran caused the death of a top Iranian general sparking rumours of a third world war and the climate crisis is getting worse by the second.  And we are celebrating?


Climate change. A silent but deadly killer. The cause of the Australian wildfires, guilty of burning millions of animals, plants, houses and over 20 people to the ground. Although for many, Australia seems planets away, it is important to consider the amount of destruction and devastation it has caused the country and its people. We have been warned throughout the past decades that we should adapt our lifestyles to being eco-friendlier, otherwise, in the future humans would face the most extreme natural disasters, causing impacts on a major scale. If we were warned and knew the consequences, why did we not act? Why are we so surprised? To what point does the damage need to get to, when we, as the “stewards” of the world will truthfully act together and stop causing chaos to our planet?


On the 3rd of January a drone strike hit and killed an Iranian major general along with nine others. This has spread mass anger throughout Iran, who have now put up a red flag signifying their seek for revenge. Some would argue that this was necessary in order to prevent further attacks on the military, but Iraq labels the strike as a “terrorist attack.” If this air drone strike happened in a developed country such as the UK, the headlines would most likely be “Terrorist attack in the UK” so is it fair to allow Iraq to call it that? Or was this attack for the greater good? Is a conflict using violence ever necessary?


Yes, this article may seem rather dull, but it is important that you know the horrifying reality and brutality that lays deep within us. Just remember at the end of each year, what are you actually celebrating?