Deep within our DNA each one of us has a craving for want of more and better things. We can never be at peace with what we have already. This is one of the most depressing features we may have as human beings. Everybody says that we should ‘be grateful for what we have’ but it is very hard to do that when it is in our nature to want more. Our society today fuels this. Especially, when we see people who have more money than us, are ‘prettier’ than us or have a higher status and position than us, that we want to have. This is what can cause addition.

There are two different sorts of addiction – physical – when someone become dependent and reliant on something. This changes how the body works so that it starts to crave more and more of whatever it is. Thus then, in turn makes you feel better. If you try then give that up your body reacts to it and you may starts having flu like symptoms, feeling sick or depressed. This is why it can become so hard to give up.

Psychological addiction is the other form of addiction. This can happen when person does not get what they want; it can change their mood and emotions. Giving this up can cause anger, frustration, serious loneliness and depression.

You can become addicted to many different things in life…. and it can become very dangerous, taking over your life. It can change people lives and can lead people to making bad decisions in life as they can’t see clearly or think rationally as all they care about is fulfilling their craving or getting their next ‘fix’. 

Sometimes people can get addicted to something due to a mental illness like depression – so that they no longer feel unhappy. This may seem ok but its not getting rid of the problem, it is simply just masking the cause and adding another problem to the original one. Furthermore, being addicted to something can cause people to become less involved with family and friends; school and grades; sports and hobbies. This can jeopardise their happiness, their health, their potential to achieve and change their future. These people need help.

One of the most worrying addictions, is drug addiction as that can lead people down a very dangerous paths, perhaps leading to criminal activity and violent crime as well as the physical damage and effects the drugs have on their bodies and minds.

Additionally, anorexia and eating disorders are becoming more and more common and worrying - addictions focused on body form and wanting to become skinny or perceiving oneself as ‘fat’. This is because it can cause people to not want to eat, or eat very little and sometimes to stop eating. It can also cause a rapid loss in weight and may lead to many life-threatening conditions. People with these addictions are putting their own health at risk and are could be seriously damaging their body.

Overall, addiction is a serious problem that needs to be addressed as it is affecting increasingly more and more people’s lives globally. If you know of someone who might be affected, please tell someone so that they can get help. This is the best thing you can do.