The General Election last month brought a majority government into power, and along with the likelihood of a five year wait until the next election. It is easy to see this a time to ease up on the political engagement but could not be further from truth.

Here are ways to get politically engaged:

1. Watch the news

On the surface, this sounds insultingly simple, but keeping up with political events is key to being politically involved. Look at key issues that keeping coming up and stay update on current events.

2. Find an issue you really care about

From engaging with the news, its pretty easy to find an issue that your passionate about. This could include but is not limited to discrimination, climate change, mental health, homelessness etc.

3. Sign a petition

Signing petitions on the GOV.UK website is a well-publicised route to becoming more politically involved. If a petition reaches over 100,000 signatures it is debated in parliament. Be sure to also look at petitions relating to your local area as well.

4. Join a campaign

For issues that you’re really passionate about joining a campaign is another way to get engaged politically. Many can be found online and can involve organising and getting involved in events, which by extension can lead to meeting new people with similar interests and passions as you.

5. Get to know your MP

Find out who your constituency’s MP is and don't be afraid to contact them with your concerns. It is their job to represent you in parliament, so tell them your concerns.

6. Attend local events

Town hall meetings, hustings and debates are great ways to find out more about politics. Check your local events or Intelligence Squared for events like these.

7. Research politics and social issues

There are tons of book churned out regarding politics and hot topic issues of the day - read them. If you're not a reader, podcasts are another great way of finding out more about politics. My recommendations are: NPR Politics, Left, Right & Center and Remainics - The Brexit Podcast, which despite its title offers a really in-depth and balanced coversation on Brexit.

Don't wait until the next general election to get politically engaged.