The education board has introduced target grades to determine the student's handling on different subjects. Many were shocked of what they recieved.

First we need to know the difference between marks and grades overall to understand it. Marks are awarded for individual assessment items, grades are awarded for courses. A grade is the overall level of achievement for a course, usually determined by combining the marks of the individual assessment items that make up the course.

The target grade has been introduced to show our expected grade in our exams, but how they obtain it, is unfair to many students who have reiceved their target grades. Since it collects your SATS results, your behaviour and attendance and more which factors greatly to your expected target grade. The grading system affects student's mental health greatly either they get a low grade or high grade. Many think they are labelled by the grade, they have been given to them. Grades force students to memorize those details necessary to pass a test, often disregarding true comprehension of the subject matter. In this process, the student’s personal development is becoming a footnote, overshadowed by the imperative significance of grades. 

Grades create an environment that restricts innovation and creativity. They have lost their original purpose, imply failure, and undermine personal relationships. Which is why many think grades might not help students develop their true potential in a certain subject.