During the Easter break, students from Hampton School visited a small town in Spain called Ronda to help develop their Spanish language skills and learn about the culture. During this period, they were able to help out in the local schools, mixing with the locals, encouraging the use of different languages, both English and Spanish. This included evening lessons with adults, to aid them in their English speaking, talking about subjects such as the differences in food and the culture.

I believe that visits to foreign countries is crucial to gain a love for a language as well as being able to test whether your skills acquired in school are transferable. I would suggest if this was compulsory, it would encourage a new feeling of purpose in language lessons back in the home country, because you can visualise its real-life application. It also allows people to have the opportunity to engage with different backgrounds and you are forced to make new friends, wile breaking down the language barrier. Depending on the country, it can also help people to spend less time on their electronics and enjoy taking in a new atmosphere and scenery, immersing themselves in a new environment. In addition, foreign trips are crucial, because they offer a break from everyday life and routine, which then results in more focused periods of work afterwards. The mix of students makes people take the focus of themselves and try to find similarities in interests, in order to find a topic of conversation, and therefore forming new bonds. Furthermore, with the introduction of social media, it is a possibility that you can remain in conversation, and if you are lucky, provide you with the chance to visit again in later life.

It also gives publicity to the area you visit, for example Hampton’s visit to the small Ronda town, allows for businesses to thrive and then the message of the town is passed back to the respective families. This is a positive situation for all, the students improve their language and make new memories, while offering money to the local area, and giving a break from normality for both parties.