Chernobyl: Is It Safe to Live In Chernobyl has been one of the most disastrous events of the world in the last 50 years, however if it wasn’t for three brave men the disaster could have been a lot worse, these men had successfully drained a 5-million-gallon pool of water that was being used as a coolant for the plant. This would have made the explosion 10x worse and affected most of Europe.

The Chernobyl accident, often wrongly referred to as the Chernobyl disaster, killed 18 people within the first few months but 18 more in the coming years. Evidence of when Chernobyl will be safe again is hard to anticipate with reports going up to 20,000 years till life can live there. However, there is also reports that, from the BBC, that Chernobyl is a safer place per hour than flying above Kiev. Flying on the plane they measure a 1.8 radiation in your body per hour. But in Chernobyl they measure a 0.6, 1 kilometre away from the power plant.

Shortly after the accident the effects on the environment were obvious trees and plants dying near it. The forest was named shortly after the Red Tree forest dur to the bright colour of the trees they eventually had to be cut down. In 2011 former residents started coming back to the area after site checks were made by Ukraine allowing them to enter even if there were small risks, it was also open to tourists who got a first-hand view of the after effects.

Chernobyl today has one of the most unique wildlife sanctuaries with dense woodlands surrounding it and only a handful of radiation effects. But supposedly won’t be accessible for humans for another 20,000 years.