Over the past decade or so, there has been a shift in attitudes towards “new-age” thinking, self-help and spirituality. Especially within internet culture where the focus of improving ourselves has intensified (specifically in terms of making money as social media is flooded with influencers promoting themselves and products).

The popularity of this area is growing and is proving to be astonishingly lucrative, attracting thousands of visitors to huge events, like “Vegan Live”, “Mind Body Spirit Festival” and “The Best You Expo”.

This year, The Best You Expo, a 2-day event, was held at Olympia in London on 15th- 16th February. The event included speakers on topics as diverse as sexual health; creating financial freedom through an online business and how you can build your self-esteem. The event was a mixture of over 180 speakers and 200 exhibitors giving talks, workshops and speaking to the 10,000+ visitors that attended. As Bernado Moya (the chairman of the event) stated, the Best You Expo is “an opportunity to speakers to share their expertise, network and to participate”.

When I showed arrived at the Expo on the second day, the event was buzzing with welcoming and lively atmosphere. I visited the “Best for Business” section of the exhibition. Surprisingly, even though I was not there to represent a business, I found it was a great opportunity to network with a diverse range of people.

Not only did I thoroughly enjoy myself, I learnt how one could improve themselves, their business and their life by looking at their self-esteem, boosting their confidence and paying attention to their physical and emotional well-being; all of which is good for business.