Bandersnatch is a Netflix first, a completely interactive movie, where you decide your characters fate. 

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

If you haven't seen Bandersnatch or heard about it (maybe you've spent your Netflix time lately watching Bird Box), then here's the deal. It's an interactive movie, which means that you follow the protagonist but choose the actions he should take by clicking your choices on the screen.

An example of this is the first choice (don't worry it won't spoil the movie). You are presented with a choice of whether to have frosties or sugar puffs. Then at the bottom of the screen will appear these options and a timer to answer, to actually answer you use your remote or screen depending what you're watching on.

Bandersnatch is riddled with choices like these, some as simple as a choice of breakfast or something as consequentle as your characters own life. The movie is also very meta, as the whole story revolves around the main protagonist programming an interactive game.

Without giving too much away, the premise of the film is a young video game programmer who's ambition is to release an interactive game. It's set in the 1980's with you following and deciding the characters fate and success of the video game Bandersnatch.

Personally, I Loved the immersive experience Bandersnatch had to offer. The movie can be tense, emotional and sometimes sedistic but is a definite must watch for all Netflix subscribers.