A snowstorm has hit Britain. Millions of Londoners awoke to find the capital decorated with a fine white powder. Every car, roof, and field was covered with 10cm of snow. Further surprise for the children as hundreds of their schools closed down. But the adults got their fun too. With some offices inaccessible due to lack of heat, and ice, many adults got legal paid leave, and could spend time in the snow with their families.
But it wasn't all good. Several incidents were reported all across the country, as icy motorways caused several commuters to collide, crash, and break down. Dozens, of incidents across the country, several in London, as the A13, A20, A23, A4, the South Circular and several Central London roads reported absolute or partial closures. Furthermore, thousands have been stranded at airports such as Heathrow, Glasgow, and Aberdeen. An enormous 160 flights have been canceled UK-wide. 

The snow seems to have originated from a storm carried over by winds from Russia. Many are dubbing it "The Beast from the East". Not only will this storm remain over the UK for days, but Storm Emma is predicted to travel here from Portugal. This combined torrent of snowfall is set to put the UK in icy conditions for days to come. This has also put a strain on local economies. With a warning from TfL to go home before 6 pm today, thousands of commuters neglected restaurants and small businesses to rush home. Many have criticised this move, as they believe that it is an overreaction, causing a panic that was very detrimental to all involved.
One thing is certain, London is not through this blizzard.