Waking up this morning, many were surprised at the sight which met them on opening their bedroom curtains.

The usual dull, grey, suburban houses which await most of us as a view, were today coated in a thin blanket of crisp white. In other words, to most's amazement and some's horror, it had snowed considerably over night – well, more than most Londoners are accustomed to.

Of course when it snows, the first thing many of us think to do is take to social media to express our complete elation at such an unexpected occurrence. In most cases, it seems that this happiness is very much genuine - for who can blame those who marvel at the weather in times like these when anything other than rain is considered such a rarity?

There are individuals of course who take such offence at the snowy posts online and at others who feel the need to take a thousand pictures in what seems to be the same spot each time. And of course, it would be unfair to offer no sympathy to the countless people who slip on the ice which often comes with snow, and do so in the morning on the way to school while surrounded by at least a dozen strangers. The brown sludge which follows this often, brief period of fantastic weather is probably most of our least favourite part of the whole experience. It appears that no one quite knows what constitutes this essential brown ingredient which makes strolling down the pavement rather like walking through a farm.

However, at the end of the day, none of this really matters. The joy on a nine year old boy's face as he carefully conjures up a softly packed snowball ready to hurl at his sister, is surely enough to lighten up even the biggest 'Snow Scrooge'. A school playing field is the only evidence needed to convince an outsider of the joy this powdery white substance can bring. Because even when just a few centimetres has set, you'll always witness a school snowball fight or attempt at building the world's biggest snowman.

And that is surely, making the most of what you have.

Noor Qurashi – The Green School