Have you seen bikes appearing at every corner you turn? And been wondering how on earth they work? Well, after this you might realize how useful these bikes can be.

Mobike was founded 3 years ago in Beijing China on the 27th January 2015 and since then it has grown globally and can be accessed in Mainland China, Singapore, London, The Netherlands, Italy, UK, Milan, Florence, Milan, and Rotterdam. British cycling teamed up with Mobike in September 2017 with a goal to get 2 million people on bikes by 2020.The scheme is now active in two London boroughs.

Mat Cork, British Cycling’s national partnerships manager, said:

“Riding a bike is an easy, healthy and fun activity that can fit seamlessly into people’s daily routines, and through this collaboration, we are engaging with local communities and businesses to encourage people to make that step.”

However, many people are probably unaware of how to use these bikes. The bikes have non-puncture airless tires, a GPS tracker, built-in locks and a cashless smartphone app. In order to use the bikes, you just have to follow 3 simple steps

Find A bike: Download the Mobike app and there is a feature that will use GPS to find the bikes nearest to you

Using A Mobike: scan the QR code near the back tyre and that will unlock the bike ready for use

Parking A Mobike: Once you have reached your destination, simply leave the bike in a public area and lock the lock by hand, the system will then automatically calculate your charge for you.

Users will be charged 50p per half hour after paying a £29 initial deposit. So initially this £29 could seem a lot to some people, especially to young adults. However, in the long term it's cheaper than a bus. The bikes come well equipped with lights, lock, and a bell but sadly no helmet.

So simply download the app, give the bikes a try and get cycling and keep fit at the same time! It is definitely something that I would recommend for busy commuters around London. Just remember to cycle safely. 

By Freya Eastwood 

Gumley House Convent school