On Tuesday the 9th of January, a Physics and Materials Science Day took place at the University of Oxford. It was an opportunity for year 10 students to expand their knowledge and find out more about a top university. The day consisted of a physics workshop, materials science workshop, physics and materials lecture and problem-solving session.

The event aimed to expand students’ understanding of science, allow them to experience the teaching environment at one of the country’s top universities and encourage them to consider studying physics and materials science in the near future. Many students from across the country attended the event and viewed it as a unique opportunity.

Jayne Shaw, the Access and Outreach Manager for Materials Science at Oxford, stated that “Oxford Physics and Materials Days aim to inspire students to study sciences in the future by providing them with the opportunity to find out more about these courses and enrich their understanding of science.”

After participating in a problem-solving session that improved their skills and expanded their knowledge, the students took part in a physics workshop that aimed to deepen their understanding about multiple different aspects of physics. The students also spent time at Keble College, one of over 30 colleges that make up the University of Oxford. This permitted them to experience what life at university really feels like and find out more from university students; many stated that this was particularly beneficial as they received an insight to many aspects of attending university. The day also consisted of a materials science workshop, during which the students participated in a range of experiments; the experiments allowed them to discover more about materials science, motivating them to consider studying the subject.

The Physics and Materials Science Day proved to be informative and useful to everyone that attended; many felt inspired and motivated to continue studying science after the experience. The event was a great way for the students to develop their scientific knowledge, find out more about the University of Oxford and gain beneficial skills.

Klaudia Karcz