A significant number of people across the world believe that COVID-19 is a hoax, created deliberately, or does not actually exist, through Conspiracy theories. 

Amongst the current pandemic that we are experiencing, a second has been on the rise and that is of misinformation, about the COVID virus, both online and via the word of mouth. Thus, it is , important to recognize and debunk these, as they can become dangerous in leading people to act in ignorance of official advice, and towards violence. Unanimously we are all affected by each other's actions and choices in the pandemic; for the better in adherence of regulation and rule concerning the Virus, and worse vice versa. 

. It can be quite easy in a time of uncertainty for some to turn to conspiracy theories in denial of our current circumstances, as they thrive off of a sense helplessness and a lack of control. According to Stephan Lewandowsky – cognitive phycologist, such conspiracies “give people a sense of psychological comfort: the feeling that they are not at the mercy of randomness.” 

This is affected by various and our own government's ability, to deliver clear and concise messages in order to minimize uncertainty and suspicion amongst the public, and  inforce trust for evidence – based policy.  

Amongst these is the false claim that 5G mobile phone signals are transmitting the virus or reducing our defenses to it. This is easily debunked by the fact that scientists have said it is biologically impossible for the virus to spread using the electromagnetic spectrum. But this theory was enticing, by the fact that rapid rollout of 5G networks was taking place at the same time the pandemic hit. 

In addition, speculation about Bill Gates’ involvement in the pandemic has been popular: in which video of a 2015 Ted talk given by him was used in the false claims that he had foreknowledge of the COVID pandemic or even purposely caused it.  In this he discussed the Ebola outbreak and warned of a new pandemic. This in turn purported, the belief of a plan to implant microchips into humans along with the coronavirus vaccine. 

There are numerous more  examples along with significant numbers also thinking that the virus had been “deliberately created and spread” by the Chinese or US government, or plan by the globalist elite to take away our freedoms.