It's been all over the news in the past week, GameStop has been taking the stock markets by storm. Already up a whopping 67 percent, peaking at around 470 dollars a share before popular eTrading apps began to ban the sale of GameStop stock, but still flying high at 325 USD a share.

The origin of this spike in value lies with the subreddit r/Wallstreerbeats, specifically a man from Massachusetts called Keith Gill. Gill made a series on YouTube about the potential of GameStop as part of a series, Kitty's Corner, designed to help amateur traders turn a profit via the stock market. However, this soon blew up as GME (GameStop) shares became highly inflated by amateur traders.

Is it a safe investment?

In short, no. Lots of people are almost certainly about to lose lots of money extremely quickly, as the price has been hugely inflated by amateur traders.