Online school has made a comeback and the impacts are revealing themselves now more than ever. With children unable to attend school, they have now had to rely on remote learning as a means of receiving their education. Pressures from school were already impacting children’s mental health. A survey carried out by Young Minds in June 2020, revealed that 88% of teacher and school staff thought that the lack of structure and routine has had an effect on student wellbeing. Whilst 79% of respondents thought that increased anxiety stemming from the pandemic has had an effect. It comes as no surprise that young children’s minds are being affected in this thoroughly challenging time and the complications that online school may provide will only worsen their mental states.


Issues such as loss of internet connection can be tough for anyone, however with children finding that the internet is becoming somewhat of a necessity to learn, the disruptions that they may face, might find a student anxious about missing their education. This will increase their stress levels, as well as adding unnecessary pressure to parents who need to find a solution. 


Parents are in need of praise during this difficult period, as they’re most likely on the receiving end of their child’s concerns. The Young Minds survey found that 73% of respondents reported concern about young children spending more time in unsuitable home environments over the course of the lockdown. This sheds light on the fact that some young people may find it difficult to study whilst at home and could subsequently take out their tension on other household members, such as their parents. The transition to home learning will cause disruption for virtually every child in England as well as their families. Added strain on parents having to follow their child’s school timetable as well as their own work schedules will obviously cause anxiety. A parent wants to provide the best for the child, but their child’s education inevitably falls into the hand of their teachers.


Teachers continue to battle on throughout this pandemic, continuously providing young children, up and down the country, with exceptional education. The lack of disruption to lessons, would have definitely needed to be kept small, as the teachers would have wanted smooth transitions into remote learning, not only for their students, but for themselves. Lack of certainty surrounding the return of school has left teachers feeling anxious and some may feel out of their comfort zone. However, the efficiency presented by the teachers has proved that it’s important to create a self motivational environment in which to work in, in order to provide quality lessons.


 Although remote learning remains a controversial topic of discussion due to the uncertainty of effectiveness, it’s clear to see that all members involved continue to engage, even when presented with barriers. With schools closed for the foreseeable future, online education will continue, and it’s important that staff, students and parents persevere and the anxiety surrounding education will soon subside.