Many will not be surprised at the announcement of the new tier four and five introductions throughout the UK and have banded together yet again for a third lockdown. Expected to last until mid-February, we will not be back to normality just yet, although hundreds of thousands of people across the world are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel with vaccines beginning to be rolled out.

For the class of 2021, however, their futures seem divided.

With recent news of the cancellation of all GCSE exams throughout England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales; there has been mixed feelings for many students, some even expressing their feelings through social media, with videos of students showing many supplies, revision notes and textbooks which they express have been “wasted”, and how some will be under graded as they will not be able to participate in the examinations.

Conversely, some talk about the relief they felt upon discovering that their exams would be ultimately cancelled, discussing that there is going to be be less stress for the students as they would not have been able to get the best grades possible due to the sheer amount of time schools were closed for.

The current situation for this group of year 11’s is shared with A-level students, and is the second year teachers, mock results and predicted grades will decide what the students’ final grades are, although reassured that they will be assessed fairly and consistently, students cant help but worry as the exams in which they have prepared for many years have been cancelled yet again.