After the attack against the US capitol, there has been a surge in calls to remove President Trump from his position of power. 


Although Donald Trump is to be replaced by President-elect Joe Biden on January 20th, many demand that he leave the White House immediately, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. 

Speaker Pelosi has elucidated that if action is not taken by the vice president, she would launch impeachment proceedings once again against the president. Trump has already been impeached once before but was acquitted of charges by the Senate. 


Although many Democrats have expressed their support for his impeachment, it remains highly unlikely that the Senate would vote for Trump’s removal and whether there would be enough time for the lengthy proceedings to be carried out.


However, what is certain is that almost effortless overturning of a key US institution highlights the fragility of the nation - once seen as the land of freedom and peace. World leaders, including Boris Johnson, have voiced their sadness and shock after watching the scenes at Capitol Hill unfold, some even questioning the very essence of democracy. 


After witnessing the aftermath of the rampage, President Trump ironically condemned the attack even though he is alleged to have ‘incited’ it. Members of the House and Senate have subsequently resigned after the security breach and a few Republican party members have also pleaded for his impeachment, although the large majority seem unwavering in support of their leader.


The President has, however, acknowledged a ‘new administration’ (whilst still maintaining the view of a fraudulent election), thus creating hope for a more stable future for millions of Americans, whilst still maintaining the view of a fraudulent election.