Home Alone follows the adventures of young boy Kevin McAllister as he wakes to find himself forgotten by his family as they depart for a family vacation over the Christmas holidays. Soon enough he finds his house the target of two burglars who name themselves the 'Wet Bandits'. Now, must begin the exhilarating race to protect his beloved house and himself from the villainous burglars. Kevin sets mischievous traps and pranks to hurt and scare away the 'Wet Bandits' in the hope they will not return. From slipping on icy steps to having an iron dropped on one's head, the burglars become the victims of Kevin's many pranks. In the end, the burglars are caught by the police, Kevin is unhurt and his family return to him safe and sound.

However, what makes Home Alone the festive classic, still watched to this day?

Home Alone teaches us the importance of family, especially over the festive period. Kevin has a huge family and often finds himself at the pit of his older brother Buzz's jokes. He gets in trouble and therefore wishes to be alone - however, when this becomes a reality and he spends days on end without his family, he realizes the importance of them and the comfort they bring. This is a sentimental message to remind us of, even more so with last year's COVID Christmas - being with family is what Christmas is all about and even though COVID restrictions meant some people were unable to be with family physically, they could still connect through calls and facetimes. 

Kevin is initially terrified of his neighbour who is a quiet old man who lives alone, however in the end, this old man ends up saving Kevin from the burglars. Here, Home Alone not only reminds us to be friendly and caring, but to value others and anyone who may be alone over the festive period. This, especially with COVID making it difficult to see relatives and the elderly over Christmas, is a reminder to reach out to them via texts, calls or facetimes and check in.

A festive film encompasses family, friendship, has a happy ending but of course takes place during the festive season. Home Alone meets all this criteria; family because Kevin realizes their importance and value, friendship because of Kevin's ultimate friendship with his neighbour, a happy ending because Kevin's family are all reunited and happy at the end and this all takes place during Christmas!

Home Alone is a must see for anyone who hasn’t seen it already; an action comedy but also a family classic with a heart-warming, festive quality that makes it undeniably one of the greatest festive films of all time.