In the Premier League where clubs such as Manchester United; Manchester City; Liverpool and Chelsea compete have lost 500 million pounds from March until June. They will lose further 500 million for the 2020/21 season if not more. However, the clubs from the Premier League and the Championship are working normally with the exception with some such as Arsenal firing around 150 people from the staff because of the pandemic. These clubs from the 2 highest tiers in England are able to survive and continue to follow their dreams because of the sponsorships they have.

However, the clubs who are with less popularity or with a budget which is less than the other clubs are struggling a lot. This can be even seen with teams in the 3 and 4 tier struggling to pay the wages of their staff and to run the club as a whole.

The biggest problem can be seen in the National League and lower as the clubs are struggling to even exist as they don’t have a lot if any TV revenue and also, from the exception of the teams in the 5th tier there are no sponsors to help too. The only way this teams were being able to work were because of the fans going and paying for tickets, drinks, and food while watching football. Even though 30% has been accepted which was still too low for this teams to survive, now we are in another lock down and the semi-pro and amateur football has been stopped until the end of the lockdown. This will result in more teams losing their licenses and stopping to exist.