Current trends amongst the fashion world seemed to of sparked controversy on social media. Many high fashion brands have been facing backlash for allegedly contributing towards the glamorisation of those living in poverty.

Shoes such as the Men’s GG screener sneaker by Gucci and the Maison Margiela’s Fusion reconstructed sneakers have been criticized. Both trainers consist of a distressed look. The Gucci ones with a dirty, worn in look, retailing at a whooping £615, and Maison Margiela going to the extreme of incorporating a melted, dirtied and frayed effect on their pair retailing at a jaw dropping £1,125.

“It seems the people that would make fun of me for not being able to afford school uniform are the same people that would pay hundreds to look as if they put their shoes through a blender. When they wear distressed clothes, it’s regarded as trendy and fashion forward. When I wore ‘distressed’ shoes because I couldn’t afford new ones, I’m mocked and seen as scruffy.” -Anonymous.

It’s not cool or trendy to live in poverty and struggle to afford basic necessities. Fashion brands should make a conscious effort to help or donate to those financially struggling, rather than profit off their struggles. Perhaps, these high-end brands should work harder to help provide meals, or give clothing to those in poverty across the country.