Black History Month occurs in October where in this month individuals are encouraged to celebrate and recognise Black People's accomplishments throughout history.

Black history month at CHS was expressed in a variety of different ways such as: naming the historical figure, watching videos from protests, reading articles and lastly an inspirational assembly. Every activity that students participated in had a strong message which was the importance of Black Lives and how more people need to be aware of the racial injustice which has historically occurred in our society. This is particularly relevant now due to the current injustices in America such as the treatment of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, where they are individuals who have faced police brutality therefore they represent the injustice that Black people face at the hands of the police.This injustice has sparked an incredible movement throughout the world as protests are occurring in many countries in order to raise awareness for Police brutality against Black People.


A powerful assembly about Black Lives Matter was delivered by the Diversity and Inclusion council.The assembly consisted from key figures like Martin Luther King to a video of Santan Dave’s performance at the BRIT Awards where he performed his heart warming song called ‘Black’ . In this song he was expressing the struggles which the Black minority face daily which left many students and teachers stunned. A year 11 student named Lola said “The Black Lives Matter assembly run by the sixth form girls was very moving and emotional, following Dave’s performance of “Black” where I was left in tears”.Overall this assembly allowed as a whole our school community to come together as one to learn about some of the devastating scenarios that the Black minority face daily, which other minorities may not be aware of. 

Many students enjoyed the fun activities that the school provided us to do throughout the weeks such as the activity where there was a grid of black people from the past and in today's world, and the students had to guess the person's name as their face was blurred. This activity showed to the students how many influential and significant black historical figures there are, who often we are unaware of, for example Sidney Poitier(the first Black man to receive an oscar) along with Althea Gibson(the first African American to win at Wimbledon).A student named Darcey stated “I liked  the activity of guessing the people on the sheet as it was fun and allowed us to interact with each other whilst learning”. This one example shows that these many activities allowed students to learn about these important black figures in a fun way as well as it allowed more black figures to be acknowledged for their actions. 

To educate yourself more,regarding Black History Month, you could possibly read more books and poems regarding the treatment of Black People from the past or the present time.