Covid 19, a global pandemic, has caused death and destruction across the world. One hospital in particular, Glasgow Children's hospital, has set up a fundraising event called, "Plaster It Purple" in order to raise money and help the hospital and it's patients.

"The generosity that you continue to show us, even when you're being challenged in your own lives is quite truly amazing....We will never forget this" states Mr Roddy O'Kane, a neurosurgeon at the hospital. During Covid 19, hospitals all around the world, have been suffering and overflowing with patients, becoming desperate for help and different ways to support the suffering. The hospitals are trying to come up with innovative ways to do so. "Plaster It Purple" is a brand new and original fundraising event, set up to raise money for Glagow Children's Hospital, by encouraging participants to come up with challenges of their own, including events ranging from sports challenges to competing in a gaming marathon.

"Pedal It Purple" is a cycling challenge, launched as a part of the larger fundraiser,"Plaster It Purple", organised by the hospital's charity, Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity. Participants are required to complete one of three cycling routes, varying from 50 to nearly 900 miles in distance, and whilst doing so, participants need to sport purple gear, to show and represent the charity. The challenge lasts from 1-31 October, and challengers need to attempt to cover their chosen distance within the allocated dates. In order to take part, a sum of £8 is to be paid (only for adults) and the challenge can be started. 

"Plaster It Purple" and its fundraisers is an excellent example of fun and creative ways in which the public can still help out local charities and hospitals, despite being in Lockdown, and having to self isolate. The money donated is significantly helping the hospital care for its patients, and is proving as a good motivation for other hospitals in the same situation, in need of help.