DofE is possibly the biggest waste of time ever – do not get me wrong I 100% get the point if you want a nice UCAS for a future university or job, but this just shows the problematic issues within 2020. What I mean by this is that viruses are a problem; not getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with the bare minimum resources and a group of people of your choice who do nothing but complain. The reason I say all this is because I believe in telling people facts – the fact is DofE literally will DO NOTHING FOR YOU – why on earth would I willingly want go back to bronze age where you have to create a fire to cook beans. Maybe school should teach us about something like how to buy a house or taxes rather than this nonsense.

The whole UCAS situation needs to be fixed as well, why on earth would a place to get a degree and further your education care less about how far I walked, or how I managed to be like Bear Grylls for 5 days? Last time I checked Bear Grylls is not even that smart and the whole thing is just staged, but do not worry I inspire to be like that for 5 whole days. I am especially inspired by the part where he drinks his own urine. Jokes aside we should really try to fix the education system and if you cannot see the point raised in this little essay then maybe you are part of the deluded problem we have in our Education.