How has Covid-19 affected football and jobs around football?

Many people know the basics of the influence Covid 19 has had on football. Over the time of the virus, we have seen the shutting of pubs for a while, the closure of the sport temporarily and many more things that affect many fans, players and people watching football. Now, you might be thinking- how on earth would restaurants and pubs be influenced by football stopping and fans not able to attend the stadiums or watch games? This is simply because before or after the matches, fans would either go to pubs or restaurants. These types of jobs often earned most of their money from these matches as they were close by to the stadium. However, due to the closure of stadiums and football not being the same, many of these businesses lost money.

Many people only think about the businesses and people around that get affected by the virus, but what about the players? These past few months have been a scary time for many players and teams but especially teams that are not as established as others. Because of this pandemic, there will now be much less money in the game and fewer jobs. A lot of the players will also have to take cuts in their pay. However, some people have an unpopular view that football may change- for the better. In conclusion, football changing may be seen as a bad thing now, but could be changed for the better.