Did Jeffery Epstein really kill himself?

On the 10 of August 2019 Jeffery Epstein died in the metropolitan correctional centre where he was awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. The coroner determined that it was a suicide however was that really the case?  

Jeffery Epstein was good friends with many wealthy and important people like the American president Donald J Trump and former President Bill Clinton. He also may have had information on these powerful people that he was using to blackmail them into helping him beat his case. Other people he may have had dirt on includes Prince Andrew who was blasted on the news and social media after pictures came to light of him leaving Epstein's New York home around the same time some young women were there as well. People point to the fact he got a sweetheart deal the first time he was arrested where he only had to register as a sex offender and pay restitution to 46 of his victims which let him off way to easy!

He also owned a private island called Little Saint James, also known as his paedophile island, where he had many parties and committed many heinous crimes. Many famous people went to his island and travelled there by his private plane, the Lolita Express, which had a bed on and its alleged he hired underage prostitutes for this flight.

His second arrest was on July 6th, 2019 where he was arrested for sex trafficking as well as other crimes where he pleaded not guilty. He was denied bail as he was seen as a flight risk so was placed in the metropolitan correctional centre. His cellmate Nicholas Tartaglione was arrested for multiple counts of murder and drug conspiracy charges and was physically massive and violent. He is main suspect of many conspiracies as he has links to the police and could easily choke the weak Jeffery Epstein to death. He also assaulted him already so it’s not a stretch to assume he killed him. But its unlikely we will ever know the truth about the circumstances around Jeffreys death.

By Benjamin Anderson