A recent survey claimed that only 9% of British people wanted life to return to normal after lockdown. This could be for several reasons - concerns over safety, worries about furlough, and the looming rumour of a second wave. One reason stands out to many scientists though - that we should use this as an opportunity to finally tackle the climate change crisis.

Before this crisis, we were living in a state of what is called ‘hyper-capitalism’ - people consuming far more than they need, and companies being handed the reins to deplete the Earth’s resources to satiate their endless lust for profit. Now, nature seems to have turned against its tormentors, with oil prices plummeting. Demand for goods seems to be all over the place - whilst online shopping is enjoying a surge in profits, industries like travel are on the brink of bankruptcy. High-end retailers are also suffering as people focus mostly on buying only what is necessary for survival.

But what part does Extinction Rebellion play in all of this? Recently, companies have experienced billions of pounds in bailout, allowing high-pollution industries to survive in an era without demand. In reaction to this, XR urged its ‘rebels’ to paste posters on the doors of businesses known to invest in fossil fuels. The slogan “CLOSED FOR GOOD” provokes the public to think - with oil having a meltdown on the global stage, it is truly renewable energy’s time to shine.

Once social distancing rules are relaxed, it can be assumed that protests will return in their normal form - but in the meantime, raising public awareness seems to be at the forefront of their agenda. If their recent campaign “#NoGoingBack’ is to be believed, then we can one day open our doors to a ‘new normal’, where the government cooperates with the people in building a more sustainable future.


- Leila Clover