In these uncertain times it's difficult to think about everything going back to normal anytime soon. Pessimistic as this sounds, there are many positives was can take from this.


My favourite activity at the moment, other than our daily opportunity to leave the house of course, is cooking. I've had the time to explore different recipes and am going to share a few of my favourite baking recipes.


I've been loving making sourdough, using the BBC Food sourdough starter recipe, which takes 5 days until it's ready to use, but is incredibly easy. I also use the BBC Food Sourdough recipe, but I find that the addition of sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds result in a more interesting dough. I also change the ratios of wholemeal to White flour to 40% wholemeal 60% white which I preferred as it made a better textured loaf.


My next favourite recipe which I've been making on repeat to use up all the free time we all have is making the BBC Good Food recipe for 'The Best Ever Chocolate Brownies', Trust me they're not lying when they claim this! The beetroot Brownies, from the same website, is also completely delicious, adding a extra level of moistness its hard to get with Brownies.


I hope these recipes cheer you up and give you more ideas of how to spend your time during lockdown. It'll all be over soon!