Here are my top picks for movies that you can watch whilst you're bored in quarantine.


First up is The Platform.


Rated: 18


This is a Spanish film set in a futuristic prison, which differs greatly to others, as prisoners eat once a day from a banquet of food that descends on a platform. The platform starts at level 0 meaning that prisoners in upper-tier cells eat first, leaving those on the lower tier cells with a limited amount of food or some days no food at all, resulting in severe starvation. This film does include graphic scenes which some viewers may find disturbing therefore this movie is rated an 18. Personally, the intensity of the movie is what grabbed my attention having me engaged at all times throughout the film on the edge of my seat. The plot develops on very well and does include unexpected twists leaving you in a quizzical state. As well as this the acting was outstanding, therefore, I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who has a high gore tolerance but is looking for a phycological thriller.


The next film is Wonder Woman.


Rated: 12


Although this movie is a blockbuster, I think it is an extremely underrated movie as it is different from other superhero films as it ties together different storylines very well (I would even argue that it is better than the avenger movies.) This movie is about a young princess named Diana played by Gal Gadot, who is on a mission to save the world from the god of war: Ares. The acting, scenery, and costumes are immaculate as well as being an action film it also has a romantic side that puts the cherry on top!


Lastly, 3096 Days.


Rated: 18


3096 days is a film is based on the true story of the kidnapping of Natascha Kampusch. It recounts how she got kidnapped when she 10 years old and what the kidnapper did to her. This is an extremely emotional film to watch as it includes distressing scenes, however, this story holds truth which sometimes is good to face although, it does hurt to watch at times. I was invested from start to finish and Antonia Campbell-Hughes who plays Natascha, I felt portrayed the role extremely well as I could feel, myself the emotions her character felt every second.


By Claudia Perez - St Philomena's school