House Maths Challenge


  Our school had our house maths challenge in the end of January. Royal Russell School holds this activity for students every year. Pupils were divided into different groups according to their ages, we have junior groups; intermediate groups and senior groups. There are different teams in each group according to their houses, each house will have 3 students representing their own house.


  Their are different questions in the maths challenge, for example, normally we have tangrams; quizzes; Rubik's cubes and mind games. 


  The House Maths Challenge activity would not only increase the chance of team working and learning from other people, it is also a good way to develop the ability of thinking and working independently. This activity allows students to expand their knowledge and the types of questions they met beyond the lessons and textbooks, it also makes students to learn in a more interesting way , therefore students understand more about the importance and significance of maths.