Valentine's day is one of the most romantic days of the year where couples give into the marketing strategies of companies and prepare their dates and romantic outings with their significant other. It stems to back to the year 496. The tradition originates from a Roman Lupercalia mid-February Festival. 

It is celebrated by 16 countries. Some ways to celebrate the day of love is taking a big step forward while you finally 'pop' THE question in the location you met 4 years ago. It is also a great idea just to spend some quality time together by doing something you always wanted to do. For example, attend an art class or just stay at home and have a movie night. 

Valentine's Day is also a big deal for businesses, it is one of the most popular holidays commercially. According to Niall McCarthy ,"The NRF estimates that this year, total planned Valentine's Day spending will be $19.6 billion, an improvement on last year.The top spending categories will be jewelry ($4.7 billion), an evening out ($3.7 billion) and flowers ($2.0 billion)."

This holiday may however be different for the 'single Pringles'. This is nothing to worry about as singles can celebrate this day as well but in a different form. For example, going out to eat with your best friend to your favorite restaurant, seeing a movie at the cinema (just do not pay attention to the couples in the back.), going shopping and other activities. Do not be thrown off guard by some love birds and just cherish the bonds that you do have with you closest ones. Happy Valentines day!


By Karolina Jagodzinska, Ursuline High School Wimbledon