Sadlers Wells 

Sadlers Wells is a performing arts venue in Islington. It was opened in 1683 as a ballet company and is now owned by the Sadlers Wells Trust; they also manage Peacock theatre in the West End. It is the World's No. 1 venue dedicated to international dance and has 6 different stages (theatres) one known as the Lillian Baylis Studio. Sadlers Wells shares the stage with visiting companies but also provides original works.


Sadlers Wells is a charity that supports the development of its artists at every stage to create and be apart of innovative provoking projects. This is shown by their variety of pieces presented on their stage from Ballet to Bollywood. There are shows available for a range of ages from the age of 2 to a senior. Sadlers Wells have a digital stage and they have done a recent collaboration with Channel 4 called Random Acts. Many people of different ages and backgrounds have graced the Sadlers Wells stages all with a passion for the performing arts.

Joseph Grimaldi a famous Brtish comedian, actor and dancer he started performing at Sadler's Well when he was 2; the Birmingham Royal Ballet, Alexander Whitley and the English National Ballet are some of the most well-known companies to have honoured Salder's theatre.

When you go see a Sadler Wells Production or any theatre production for the matter, don't forget the months and years of work that go into composing theses magnificent final pieces. Don't forget that these stages have been used by a future star.