As we continue further into the year Burntwood School has not hesitated to start raising money for our partner school in Morocco.

Our science teacher Ms. Colgan is at the head of all this funding and our projects to make the school in Morocco a better place for the children to learn. She raises money by finding something that appeals to the girls of Burntwood School. Krispy Kreme sale. Every year the money raised from the sale is put towards a new task to improve the school. Some projects that we have done are a new playground, toilets cubicles, classrooms, and supplies. The impact the money and projects have on the children in Morocco is seen first hand by some students who are fortunate enough to make it one of the highly requested trips.

Every October Ms. Colgan arranges the trip to allow the girls at Burntwood to experience the impact the money we raise has on these children just by buying a donut. The trip is ten days long and it gives the girls time to experience the culture in Morocco and see the wonders that it has to offer. Even though there are language barriers, the children and the Burntwood girls get through with the little french both sides know and handshakes and games. During the ten days, two days are dedicated to our partner school and the homes of families who live near the school are open up to us to stay in. We bring supplies to the children every time we go so that they can constantly learn as long as they want to achieve their dreams because they have a right to an education. And Burntwood School encourages that every child has the right to an education Uncief article 28.

‘It’s amazing how happy they are even though they have so little’ a girl said on the trip two years ago who was surprised by the mentality, friendliness and happiness these kids radiated. Opportunities such as these allow school students to see the world and different cultures and lifestyles to show them not to take advantage of what is just a law for them. 

Antonia Edgington