Jaspreet singh manak is a Punjabi singer, song writer and composer of his own songs and of songs sung by other Punjabi artists. He also does modelling which links in with his singing career. He was born 23rd December 1993 in Jalandhar, located in Punjab, India. Jass Manak was gifted with the talent of singing and continued to pursue his dream as a singer following his father’s footsteps and later enrolled in the Punjabi University, located in Patiala in order to graduate. When Jass Manak started out with his career, Gurdas Maan and Kuldeep Manak hugely influenced the music he produced. In the early years he began to collaborate with other artists and one of the song was ‘U turn’ by Manak and AM Human and on 16th May 2018, the song ‘Prada’ was released to which he sang, wrote the lyrics to and composed all by himself. This song received 3.5 million views within the first 24 hours and has 542 million views on YouTube alone as of now and reached the billboard charts. He is also well known for his songs ‘suit Punjabi’, ‘viah’, ‘boss’ and ‘lehanga’ which made it to the Asian Music Chart and on the Global YouTube weekly chart. Since the beginning of his career in 2017, he has quickly risen to fame, still growing his number of fans each day. The song ‘Prada’ has opened many opportunities for him like performing live or at specific occasions, which has been an advantage for his new singles.