What is the essence of total wellbeing? GO! Fitness, a new ladies only gym in Redhill, is dedicated to the fitness, health and welfare of their members. Since opening in September 2019, GO! Fitness has seen success and is becoming increasingly popular, currently with up to 200 members. Speaking to owner Kim Clark about GO! Fitness and its cause, I found a fun, friendly supportive network and community hub at the heart of the town. 


Not only is GO! Fitness recognised for its motivation for health and fitness but also by the gym’s inspirational cause as an independent gym run by women, for women.  This gym centres around empowering women through a fun, active exercise experience encompassing workout, friendship and above all a safe, supportive environment. When visiting the gym I found that the staffs are incredibly friendly and welcoming and what’s more, they take pride in the fact that they know their members by their name, story, goals and fears. Another important aspect of GO! Fitness is that they place emphasis on offering opportunities for improved health for all ages (12-85 years). Kim Clark, owner of the business, says “We are a gym that supports fitness and wellbeing for any women, fitness ability and age, helping women’s mental and physical wellbeing in a friendly community club.”


Your workout, your choice! Here there is a constant variety of activities available and the gym places great emphasis on choice. It offers membership at £28 per month or pay as you go, with classes from just £5. Users at the gym will have access to a strength training circuit, one-to-one coaching, fitness classes and workshops-all these provide an opportunity to interact with others. Most crucial to what the gym provides is its social aspect including social events such as walks or the recent Christmas party. This reflects a strong belief that there is much more to fitness and good health than exercising and diet. 

The staff are driven by genuine passion and enjoy working at GO! Fitness. Previously a life coach, Lona Campbell plays a role in the ‘wellbeing side of things’ she is involved in management and making members aware of the long term benefits to be gained from a membership, alongside managing social media through posts and videoing members in action. Lona says that what she enjoys about working at GO! Fitness is “making a difference to the lives of others, helping to build strengths and achieve goals-age is just a number.” Katherine Evan is a fitness instructor, whose role involves circuit training sessions, keeping members active and instructing the correct techniques during workouts. She enjoys working at the gym because “it’s a fun place to work, for staff and members and offers variety. The gym is like a family community and everyone leaves happy.”