This question has been raised after fur clothes were being allegedly sold at the recent car boot sale that takes place in Chiswick school grounds. The Chiswick Car Boot sale takes place every Sunday and is run to raise money for Chiswick School Parents Teachers Association. Anyone is welcome to go to the boot sale and it is extremely popular as there have been very little complaints. However, a local resident has expressed concern that she is convinced real animal furs are on sale in the Car Boot Sale. The furs, which have been made into fur coats  include fur she identified as Astrakhan - the pelt of a new born lamb sourced in central Asia. She alleges that it is "upsetting and wholly inappropriate in these times of conservation. What is this teaching our children?". Three years ago she approached the volunteers who said that they could not check every single vehicle on arrival but she said that sellers should be asked to leave if they are found with fur. In 2918, animal rights campaigners welcomed a report from MPs calling for a consultation on an all-out ban on the sale of real fur. This shows that this issue is one that people are aware about and that people could be educated on this issue. In 2003 fur farming was banned as it was declared inhumane and completely unnecessary so why is the sale of real fur still allowed. It could be argued that this creates a double standard as we are still importing fur but we do not produce it.