If you ever encounter the sight of a family participating in the game of Mario Kart, you are in for a treat. Whenever my brothers come over for the weekend, it is always a competition for whoever can turn the TV on, connect the remotes, and sit down in a braced position with a cup of tea the fastest. 

You would think that Mario Kart Wii is just a game, but I can assure that you are mistaken. You see, to have that satisfaction of when your name is at the top of the leaderboard is a feeling you will not have experienced anywhere else. All those years of pranks and punches, are all settled within four short races. 

After several years of my brother Alex insisting that his character is “the best in the game,” it is a well-known fact, that ‘Dry Bowser’ is the slowest character of them all. With Dry Bowser in his rusty flame fryer vehicle trailing behind, the real competition is between Toad, Peach and Donkey Kong. 

Each of these characters reflect my siblings in some sort of way. As we have established, Alex, as Dry Bowser, is extremely slow, however hard-headed and sturdy. Harry, as Toad, is quick and sly, always using cheeky power-ups to improve his position in the race. Max plays as Donkey Kong, who is skilled and intelligent, abolishing anyone in his way. And finally, myself, as Princess Peach, who, for some tournaments, comes back with a clean sheet all the way.

However recently, Mario Kart on Iphone has come out. This means extra practice, not just on the weekends with the family. Yes, this means Mario Kart from School and back. The ability to download, and start competing in the space of a few minutes will be beneficial for each of us. Only time will tell who is going to claim the title of ‘Fastest Mario Kart winner.’