As we all know, starting a new year comes with New Year resolutions.

Many work hard to keep these resolutions for the first few weeks, though often, they then start to lose motivation and go back to old habits.

At the beginning of the year, people are wrapped in excitement and therefore, find it easy to find motivation. However, this incentive can quickly become harder to find, and this could be due to procrastination. There are numerous ways in which you could keep up this motivation, for example, starting the day with some rituals as many famous creatives would. This could be as simple as a five minute morning meditation ritual in order to give you a positive mindset when tackling your daily goals. Another example, is to exercise for at least half an hour every morning before starting the day. This could be taking a long walk, which will help you clear your mind and prepare you for the day ahead. My final piece of advice is to make sure you are getting the right amount of sleep, as this allows your body to rest and recover.

Furthermore, motivation could still start to fade after a while, but this is only because of the thoughts you have in your mind to give up, or your mind telling you that you are tired. However, to tackle this you should pause for a moment and instead think about why you should keep going.

Overall, in order to keep your motivation for the New Year resolutions you have set, you should aim to have a balanced lifestyle to ensure you can keep a positive mindset about what you wish to accomplish.

Maia Thabet, Gumley House School FCJ