It’s the new decade 2020 and some may be looking forward to this year whilst others may not. This is due to some worrying news that has surfaced the media in the beginning of the new year that has some local residence questioning whether this decade will be theirs. 


Brexit has been a British crisis since the general referendum in 2016 which has now been taking action since Boris Johnson’s victory in the December election in 2019. This problematic crisis has left foreign local residences across Wimbledon worrying about whether they should leave the UK or stay. An Italian student, Roberta Ignais, has stated that she and her family will be leaving the country to go and live in Italy due to Brexit. This unfortunately is very disheartening for her as she wishes to stay due to her friends, school, neighbours etc, but her family thinks otherwise. However, some may find this as an opportunity for them to travel to more warmer and tropical countries such as how David Tinõ, a local student, sees it. He states that “I always wanted to live in Spain with my cousins but my family loves the UK and obviously wants to stay. Brexit is bad and all but for me it isn’t really because now my family wants to live in Spain”. 


This matter has shed some light for some like David but it has still left many UK lovers in distraught as they are forced to leave their rightful homes in England.