Do something you love. That would be my advice to anyone and everyone, do something you love. I have always had a passion for drama and as always, every year, I make sure to take part in a musical which this year was “Hairspray.”


I was having a constant debate with myself whether I would have the time to be in a musical as I am in year 12, known by many British students as one of the hardest and most stressful years in higher education. One day I realised that I couldn’t let schoolwork get in the way of something I love so I took initiative and went to the audition. Long story short that was probably one of the best decisions I could have made. Yes, it was a lot of hard work having to cram in extra hours of schoolwork and yes it was very tiering coming home from long days at school and having two hours of intensive rehearsal after.


But it’s what I got out of it I cherish the most. I made new friends, gained new skills, l got to wear Tracy’s famous beehive wig and most importantly I was proud of myself.


The performance was during my assessment week at school. This got me thinking that I would fail all my exams making me feel stressed and anxious, but I was wrong. Having something to do other than schoolwork relaxed my mind and made me feel more motivated which resulted in getting better grades.


I guess the whole point of this supposed “article” is to tell you that it is vital to do something alongside your studies, work or whatever it is, as your passions, aspirations and mental health should always come first. Remember only you define your life.