Election day has arrived and it is all about making a decision. But why is it so important for the Sutton Community?

If you are a resident in Sutton, you might have received a handwritten letter (2nd picture) on the 23rd of November by the Liberal Democrat Candidate, Hina Bokhari, representing Sutton, Cheam, and Worcester Park. She has talked to local residents about the struggles that we, as a community, have faced. ‘They tell me that they feel… neglected by a Conservative Party and government divided over Europe’ says Hina Bokhari. Her passion to improve this community is shown as she sent a handwritten letter which by itself shows how dedicated she is and the evidence that she provides as to why she is the best choice for you to make.

In her own words, she wrote ‘Many Labour and Green supporters recognise that I am the only person likely to beat Conservatives and are lending me their support this time’ which, in my opinion, seems like an enormous step forward for the Liberal Democrat party. This helps Sutton as we can be represented in the government, our voice will be heard louder than ever.

When I was reading this letter, it made me feel hopeful for my future whilst living in Sutton. As a young girl, I cannot vote nor am I represented enough in the government. It is amazing to see that there is a strong female leader, who dedicates her time to her community and family. These are the values of many residents in Sutton.

If you are a young resident who isn’t able to vote yet but wants to contribute, there are simple ways that you can help. Tell your parents or your friends who are over 18 years old to go out and vote. Share it on social media. Sutton has a voice. We have a voice!

One thing to remember is, don’t vote for a party that you don’t believe in. Popular parties such as Labour or Conservative have big advertising but may not represent what you truly believe in. Vote for someone who represents you and your beliefs. Even if they don’t win, you can still feel proud that you voted for someone who you believe instead of regretting it later.

Remember, you can vote today, you can make your voice be heard. Today! Polling stations will be opened until 10 p.m. You can locate your Polling Station at wheredoivote.co.uk.

Mariana Agrela Sardinha