Housewives and societal issue is on the rise

It has come to everyone’s realisation that some jobs aren’t valued enough for their long efforts and diligence. In fact, it’s been gradually neglecting for the past decade or so, which can summon a lot of issues and heated circumstances in the household. Have you ever appreciated your mother’s job?

This job is about raising your family and keeping the household as functional as possible. Abundant of housewives feel as though they haven’t achieved something major, even though: raising your children, giving them emotional support and keeping the household immaculate are momentous to keep a family functioning. However, it’s absolutely devastating that a parent who’s housebound is not given enough respect for raising a family- simply because they’re not earning.

Many individuals in Sutton have unfortunately stated their overwhelming feelings of the household ravenously consuming their time and it isn’t “top earning”. A local resident (who’d like to keep her name anonymous) in the UK stated her feelings as a housewife. During the interview I found that she always need someone to financially take care of her. “It really is overwhelming sometimes, because I sometimes feel uncomfortable being financially dependent”. She also started questioning society’s appreciation towards housewives and househusbands, whether it’s vital for generating society.        “If we don’t raise children and keep the family in function, how can we socialise our kids into the real world?”

However, people like Joanne Smith, said that society as well as the government does help housewives. She explains services and jobs that appreciate people taking care of the household. "I’ve got a job and they gave me maternity leave. I needed that, so I could look after my family”, Joanne Smith stated. “Society does appreciate us living as 'care workers' in the household, because they know family comes first.”                                     Joanne Smith and others who share similar views like her, has clearly discerned society or the government helping families to grow financially, as the work that occurs within a housewife is a sign of a hard worker. Her perspective made me realise that even though we need to give more value to housewives, the government did make some effort so far.

As Londoners we all know that the only way to keep something in function is family. Family is needed to generate society smoothly and housewives as well as house husbands are crucial, to primarily socialise children into the real world. Of course employment is important alongside with education, but so are parents in homes. So you and I can help to create a comfortable environment for young parents in homes!

Layba Ahmed Carshalton High School for Girls