So, meat is good for you, right? With extra protein as a huge part of the growing health industry, this is an easy view to hold.

But perhaps you have heard red meat should be avoided due to its carcinogenic links. Furthermore, that processed meats increase your chance of heart disease, found in a 2010 study to cause a staggering increase of 42%. This, however, still doesn’t answer my question. Obviously, meat is a key source of protein, making it essential due to its role building muscle. Many scientists are now beginning to back the claim that associations between cancer and meat is largely due to the effects of certain types of cooking, suggesting red meat is not as bad for you as you may believe.

Nonetheless, this does not solve the afore mentioned connection between diseases and meat, 1 in 6 bowel cancer cases in Australia is linked to eating too much red or processed meats. However, due to the lack of evidence linking red meat as the primary factor, many scientists dismiss the previous claim. Furthermore, poultry and white meat have no links to cancer or other illnesses. There is simply not enough evidence of the health benefits of eating less red meat, especially as non-processed meats contain an abundance of necessary nutrients.

Yet excessive meat consumption, as with any food, may potentially lead to higher blood cholesterol levels, in turn leading to heart disease. It would certainly be ideal to avoid processed meats and cooking meat on a barbecue, but as there is not enough scientific evidence at the moment to cement this claim, don’t get too caught up in the dangers of meat and focus on the benefits!